Warehouse applications

Checking pallets and packaging for completeness

The 3D camera is the ideal tool for checking the completeness of pallet packaging. It analyses each box and each layer with precision to ensure that the packing quantity is not exceeded.

Detection of objects and their position

3D analysis of the space and recognition of objects and their position in it allows you to check the correctness of the assembly or design of packages, products or assemblies.

Monitoring of hands and handling in the space

Monitoring the operator in the work area allows you to control the activity and point out any improper handling, thus avoiding mistakes.
3D kamerové aplikácie - detekcia ruky

Gesture control

The operator can easily control the production process by hand gesturing signals such as pause, stop and other…


Depending on the 3D camera used, the accuracy ranges from 5 to 50mm, allowing for both simple and complex custom solutions.

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