Applications in industrial sectors

Machine vision
Quality control
Inspection control
Robotic vision

ADMIN4.0 quality control

The ADMIN4.0 system allows you to create quality control camera functions and use them to check the correct execution of a task or the entire product. There is a range from basic inspection functions to learned neural network inspections and 3D scanning with deviation analysis. An inspection system set up in this way completely eliminates defects in the final product and, by linking with the visual guidance workstation, can automatically condition the inspection of individual work steps. Using position recognition functions, it is possible to determine the position of objects in the workspace and thus dynamically adjust the position of the inspection and visual guidance functions or use the position as coordinates for the robotic arm.

Colour detection
Shape detection
Pattern detection
Material defect detection

We use technology

Flir and Basler

2D line camera for simple 2D inspections, neural networks and object position detection

Intel Real Sense

3D Hand Tracking camera for operator hand detection

Basler Blaze

3D camera for detecting the presence of objects and checking their shapes


3D static scanner with precision for detailed inspection of object design


2D/3D scanner for high-precision scan-in-motion analysis

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