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Pick to Light system for warehouse and workplace material flow management

The control of the assembly material on workplace and its active involvement in the process is an essential element in the management of the warehouse-workplace material flow and the assembly itself. The UniBox Pick to Light system is a positional marking of the material with a light for the selection of the components of a given assembly operation, the replenishment of the material from the warehouse and the timely dispatch of the request for replenishment. The UniBox module not only displays numbers, but also graphical information in the form of information symbols. It allows to connect a material counter, a light tube and other devices.

UniBox system in warehouse

The organization of warehouse positions by means of light control connected to the WMS system allows to speed up the process of material retrieval during removal as well as to eliminate mistakes in case of material substitution. Positions can be linked to a position presence sensor or a 3D camera which allows a back check for the WMS system.

UniBox system in production

The Pick to Light system in production controls the signalling of material positions for assembly in individual steps. It guides the operator to the correct material and prevents errors due to material mix-ups. The ADMIN4.0 system combines with visual guidance to create an interactive assembly map for the operator. A numeric display shows the number of components to be picked and inspection mechanisms check the quantity of components picked.

UniBox system and extension

UniBox control mechanisms allow you to count the exact number of components on the station and check the correct number of components picked from the box. Other attachable devices such as hand presence sensor in the box, sound alarm, push buttons and more.

Operator hand check and handling

The ADMIN4.0 system checks the operator, his hand position and material handling with a 3D camera, all to completely eliminate operator errors. Whether the operator has taken the right tool from the work area or the right material for the assembly operation, everything is always under control.

Visual inspection of picked and packed material

ADMIN4.0 allows inspection of packaging when picking from stock and replenishing into production using a 3D camera. Checking the presence of pallets and packages at replenishment points all for an organized logistics of material flow without losses.

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