Applications in industrial sectors

Handling and assembly
Quality control
Human-robot collaboration

Robotic control, handling and inspection applications

The ADMIN4.0 system supports the configuration of the Universal Robots robotic arm and thus makes it possible to extend the capabilities of the visual guidance workstation to include robotic operations or to create autonomous stations for handling, assembly or quality control.

Universal Robots

UR robots are ideal for configuring a wide range of applications due to their versatility, configurability and ease of use. They are thus a unique tool for the ADMIN4.0 system.

Integration with ADMIN4.0

UR robots are fully integrated into the ADMIN4.0 configuration environment and can thus be linked to other functions such as camera vision, 3D scanning, visual projection and guidance, etc.

Dynamic control

The configuration of the robot control allows not only static robot coordinates but also dynamic ones, allowing the robot to adapt to changing environments and, by connecting with the camera system, to adapt its coordinates to moving objects in the workspace.

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