Unique material flow control system

UniBox is a universal multifunctional module for controlling material picking by light signals. The UniBox module provides graphical visualisation via OLED display, connection of various peripherals such as a component weighing counter and intelligent control configuration in conjunction with ADMIN4.0 for your warehouse or assembly workstations.

UniBox systém Pickt to Light

Signalling and graphic display

LED backlight signalling and information graphics on the colour OLED display provide the operator with clear instructions when working with goods and materials. The ability to display custom information graphics allows the equipment to be closely linked to production operations.

Wireless connection

Wireless connectivity for mobile applications such as supply trolleys or flexible warehouse positions. It can be connected to the corporate network or to a local station using 2.4/5GHz.

UniBar Addressed Light Array

UniBox allows the connection of up to two UniBar LED light tubes with a total length of 8 meters, which can cover the entire workplace, supply trolley or warehouse rack with addressed light signals. UniBar devices connect via an RJ45 connector, which is also ready for wiring custom solutions using a 3-wire LED strip.

Power and data connection

The USB B connector serves as a data connection to a PC running ADMIN4.0 and also as a 5VDC / 0.5A power supply. Using a USB hub with its own power supply, an unlimited number of devices can be connected to a single USB bus of the PC.

Connecting UniIO peripherals

The I/O port allows connection and communication with external devices using the I2C bus, or the 5VDC digital inputs and outputs. The port allows you to connect the following:


Universal sensor is suitable for many applications – part assembly, pick-to-light and defect protection applications in production

Signalizačný buzzer

Audible beeper to alert the operator of a wrong operation

Tlačidlo pre riešenie Pick to Light

Confirmation button for ADMIN4.0 procedural production control


5VDC to 12VDC converter for connecting a wide range of industrial devices such as lighting elements, push buttons, sensors, etc.

UniCounter weighing counter

Material control module for installation into custom station designs. Weighing modules are optional with a range from 1 to 10kg and 1g accuracy. Connection to UniBox module via I2C bus. Using the weighing module, the system can alert the warehouse in time for material replenishment to the workstation.

UniDock platform

Pick to Light station for controlled access to material on the workplace, allowing you to control the amount of material using a weighing counter built into the platform and a replenishment rail for continuous material flow.

UniRack supply trolley

Linking the workplace and the warehouse with a light-controlled supply trolley helps to alert the warehouse in time for incoming material and replenish it with a supply trolley that communicates directly with the workstation and allows light-pairing of the replenishment positions on it.

Controlled material flow in the workplace

Light signaling in the position for picking up the material and showing the number of parts on the display.

A weight counter checks the amount of material picked up and reports the balance on the display.

UniBox signals correct picking by removing the required amount of material.

The operator is immediately alerted when excessive material is removed or it is removed from the wrong position. The operator is requested to return it.

Light signalling in the material pick-up position and displaying the number of parts on the display.

Release the position and move the material out of the tray.

Systém Pick to Light

Material added.

Technical specification





Max. power consumption [W] 




Input voltage [VDC] 




Max. input current* [A] 




Output voltage [VDC] 


Max. output current** [A] 




Operating temperature [°C] 

-25 to +50 

-25 to +50 

-25 to +50 

Storage temperature [°C] 

-40 to +60 

-40 to +60 

-40 to +60 

IP protection  

IP 43 

IP 43 

IP 67 


Unibox Guide



Unibox Smart



Digital I/O


Uni Features

Reduction in production defects and post-repair costs
Increased productivity and time savings of individual production operations
Reduction of training costs and introduction of new operators into production

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