Applications in industrial sectors

Automotive industry
Timber and paper industry
Electrotechnical industry
Metallurgical industry
Construction industry
Machinery industry

Visual Guidance workplace

Visual guidance provides easy orientation of the operator on the workplace thanks to the illuminated visual commands projected into the workspace.

Render4 video projection that allows interactive visualization such as images, videos and animations. It does not require increased safety requirements and is more affordable. Disadvantages include shorter lifetime, lower contrast and accuracy.

Vector4 is a laser projector that is vector-based and thus only projects DXF curves and does not have the ability to display graphics, but is high contrast across all materials, substrate colors, and environmental lighting conditions.

Calibration and application options

The projection is accurately calibrated in space and linked to the environment using calibration points. The ADMIN4.0 working environment uses 3D CAD, which allows you to create visualizations of precise patterns based on DXF technical documentation and adapt them to different projection positions and substrate shapes. The calibration to space itself is time-saving and can be performed automatically.


A wide range of applications despite the entire industrial spectrum and manufactures with the need to eliminate human error or make their work more efficient.


Guidance during assembly operations

Training workplaces

Safety and information projections

Projection of precise patterns for material processing

Extension options

The ADMIN4.0 system is not just visual guidance, but can be combined with computer vision, 3D camera systems and scanning, robotics and peripheral tools such as digital work tools, PLC controllers and other systems. The combination of visual guidance and camera projection creates a common CAD workspace that can be expanded by connecting multiple devices.

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